Food Industry Services & Packaging

Different types of packing machines are used to pack foods. The type of machine used for this purpose depends on the type of food being packed and the type of packaging material. It also depends on how long the food requires preservation and what type of preservation is needed.

heat sealer 

It is an economical food packaging solution. Simple packs made of thin plastic sheets are sealed using the heat machine. This type of machine is available in different designs. The simple hand operated machine is quite small and can be used to seal small quantity food items in plastic bags. Foot operated plastic bag seal machines are used in small industries while hand operated units are used by small businesses and even in homes.

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Vacuum Packaging

This type of packaging requires avoiding air while packing the food. It helps keep the food contents fresh for a long time because it avoids growth of aerobic microorganisms that cause deterioration of food. Once immobilised, these organisms are unable to thrive in the condensed condition. It helps extend the storage life of the food.

Bag Packaging

Different types of pouches, sacks and bags are used to pack foods. Some foods can remain in good condition even when packed under normal conditions while other types of foods require packaging under special condition. Some unprocessed foods can be stored in bags that are not completely sealed. Other types of unprocessed and processed foods require special packaging. The type of packing bag used depends on under what conditions the contents will be stored during the storage and transportation.

Container Packaging

Different types of containers made of plastics and metals are used to store the foods. Some types of processed foods do not deteriorate in quality even when exposed to air and room temperature. On the other hand, some processed foods require packaging in special containers to protect the contents from air, heat and moisture.

Packaging the Packaged Foods

Some types of packaging materials are used to pack the already packaged foods. Cartons, thin plastic sheets, wrapping sheets, thermoplastics, wood boxes and metal boxes are some of the packaging materials used to pack packaged foods.

Capping Machine

Bottles made of plastic and glasses are closed with the help of capping machine. The cap of the bottle is slightly deformed or closed tightly to completely seal the food content inside the bottle. This machine is used to cap bottles containing liquid, syrup or jelly drinks and foods.

Tin Can Machine

Many types of food items are sealed inside the tin cans. This type of packaging requires a special machine to close the top and bottom seams of the container. The food item is filled in the can in the correct quantity and then the can is sealed completely under the ideal condition.